VechFlow is committed to providing users with 100% transparency regarding all aspects of our platform.
This Glossary of Terms is a guide that details our platform terminology and definitions behind our icons.

As a company, we follow the best industry practices and attained prestigious certifications within the automotive space. One of the many certifications we hold was provided by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). The ASE promotes excellence in vehicle repair, services, and parts distribution. With nearly 300,000 Auto-Specialists holding ASE certifications, this badge serves as validation that the Auto-Specialist is Certified, ensuring quality service.

Standard Driver
The everyday individual who owns a vehicle and needs automotive services.
A commercial driver that is employed through Lyft.
Background Check Verified
Validates that the respective Merchant has undergone a strict background check and has been verified under VechFlow background check requirements. To learn more about our background check process please click here.
Established Business
An official automotive business with employees.
All automotive businesses (large or small) are welcome to register!
This Merchant will travel to a destination of your choice and service your vehicle.
Commercial Driver
Professional services drivers such as Uber, Lyft, Via or Other.
A commercial driver that is employed through Uber.
Certified Specialist
Validates that the respective auto-specialist has been certified and recognized by an Accredited Automotive Certification Institution.
The everyday Joe who has automotive specialty skills but doesn’t own an established business.
If you have skills in auto-maintenance or other automotive specialties, we welcome you to register!