At VechFlow, we want Merchants to be safe — and for everyone to have a pleasant and exceptional experience.



Set clear expectations

Ask questions and set expectations with the customer before you get to the job. Tracking everything in your service history and wallet is vital. Effective communication is the best way to ensure you and the driver are on the same page. Include details like the who, what, where and cost of the project.

If a written agreement isn’t possible, cover these things with the customer before you get to the job:

  • Work environment. Discuss who’ll be at the location and where you’ll be working (Applicable to Mobile Merchants).
  • Job expectations. Make sure you know what the work will involve and that you can do it.
  • Talk about how much you charge and the method of payment in advance. This will help avoid potentially awkward situations at the end of the job when you ask to be paid.


Go with your first instinct

VechFlow works hard to screen customer requests. If we feel some particular submissions are off or sketchy, we remove them. You should also be on the lookout. If something feels off, it probably is.

  • Avoid suspicious or spammy requests. For example, the customer name sounds fake. Or the customer asks you for your bank account for no reason. Don’t respond to these requests — [email protected].
  • Report discriminatory requests. VechFlow has a Non-Discrimination Policy because we value good work and a job well done — not what you look like, who you love or what you believe in. Tell us if you feel a request is discriminatory, so we can investigate it.
  • Tell someone before you start a new job. Share where you’ll be working and when. Make sure your phone is always charged and near you in case of an emergency.
  • Remove yourself from dangerous situations. If something isn’t right, leave immediately. We care about your safety. If you report to [email protected] that you left a job because you felt unsafe, we won’t hold it against you.
  • Call 911 in case of an emergency. If there is an imminent threat to someone’s health or safety, call 911 immediately. When safe to do so, please report these issues to us.


Tell us if something happened

Please tell us if something happens with a job you found on VechFlow. We’ll work with you to resolve concerns, big or small.