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Before you hire a Merchant on VechFlow——here’s a few things you should look for. Our tips are below.



Review the Merchant’s profile

Merchant profiles are designed to give you helpful information to hire the right Merchant. So, take a look through:

  1. Customer reviews. See what past customers say about a Merchant. Verified reviews are from customers who hired a Merchant on VechFlow, while unverified reviews are from customers who found the Merchant somewhere else. You can also see how a Merchant responded to reviewers, which can help you understand how they interact with their customers.
  2. Business information. The Merchant profile gives the Merchant a chance to tell you about their business —and explain why you should hire them. You’ll see things like pictures of their work, a description of their business, why they love what they do, a link to their website and how many times they’ve been hired on VechFlow.
  3. We know a Merchant’s credentials are important to hiring with confidence. A Merchant’s Merchant profile may include:
    • An “Established business or Freelancer Merchant” badge, which means they run a full-blown business as an LLC – “Established Business” or they are a freelancer that gets the job done utilizing their own skillset.
    • A certification badge, which means we have used a public database to verify the license number displayed by the Merchant.
    • A background check badge, which means the account holder submitted a background check and met our criteria to receive the background check badge. For businesses with multiple workers, this does not guarantee the specific person you’re working with has passed a background check, so be sure you’re comfortable with the person completing your request.
    • A Mobile Merchant, which means the Merchant will travel to you, anywhere.


For additional information on understanding and verifying VechFlow’s  Merchants and credentials visit Here

Learn more about the Merchant

  1. Ask questions. We make it easy to talk a Merchant without revealing any of your contact info. So ask as many questions as you need, and tell them exactly what you’re looking for. You might want to ask about:
    • pictures of past work
    • videos or articles of past work
    • references from past customers

You can also send a Merchant pictures of what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to schedule a phone call or an in-person meeting.

  1. It’s always worth seeing what other information you can find about a Merchant you’re considering. Think about resources like the Better Business Bureau or a web search to look for more information.


Plan ahead to make sure the job is done right

  1. Set expectations in writing. Go into heavy details on what you want performed on your vehicle. If you want a car wash, specify what parts of the car you want concentrated on.
  2. Agree on payment. Bookable services displayed are non-negotiable however, if you book a session that doesn’t have a payment upfront then you have the leverage to negotiate the prices.