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Pro Tips – Driver

Driver Tips

  1. There’s emergency help if you need it:Always reach out to our support line if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to call 911 if you run need immediate emergency assistance.
  2. You have our support, whenever you need it VechFlow support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is handled by a team of trained safety agents.
  3. Always be on time. Arriving on the scene on time ensures that you take your session seriously. Additionally, it lets your Merchant know that you value their time. If for any reason you are late, notify your Merchant at least 20 minutes prior to your session.
  4. Ensure that you confirm the Merchants Vech-ID, while showing yours. Validating you and your Merchants identity creates a safe environment for both parties. When arriving on the scene, the license plates should align with what was you’ve seen in the system. For a hard validation check utilize your VECH-ID for approval. If any Merchant denies complying with show their VECH-ID, please terminate your session and reach out to us.
  5. Always ensure you’re in a safe area during your session. Ensure that sessions are in a location where you and your Merchant feel comfortable. Be mindful.
  6. Check the service that was performed prior to the Merchant leaving.Always validate your services with a verbal solidification and showing from your Merchant.