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Pro Tips

We want to ensure your experience is the best experience as a Merchant. As a VechFlow Freelancer or Established Business Merchant, making yourself visible along with great performance enhances your reputation on our platform. It’s very important to us to see you thrive as soon as you get started. We have displayed some recommendations on how to become a top Merchant and succeed.

  1. Show up on time. If you are running late to a session, please let your customer know ahead of time, giving them adequate notice. We understand things happen, traffic, last minute errands and more. Being very communicative with your customer not only helps satisfy your customer but raises your chances of a great rating resulting to a great reputation.
  2. Be Polite. Always use good gesture and manners when talking to the customer. This makes the customer feel much more comfortable.
  3. Manage your calendar ahead of time. If you have a slot that needs to be marked as occupied, make those changes ahead of time. If a customer sees that your schedule is open, then they will try and book you for their desired time.
  4. Be generous with your prices. We understand that you want to make a few pretty pennies, but always remember that the money comes when the service is solid. Raising prices above normal standards may turn customers towards a different direction. Reasonable prices with the best customer service make your chances that much greater.
  5. Always ask questions. If you have any questions regarding any customers, charges, discrepancies or etc.… please be sure to reach out to us on our contacts page.
  6. Be professional. Professionalism goes a long way in any industry. At all times, we want to make sure your customers always see you as an established service provider.
  7. Utilize your VECH-ID for security purposes. Always and we mean, always, utilize your VECHID, always. Displaying your VECHID not only ensures your safety but the customers safety as well. At any time, if a customer is not willing to show their VECHID for verification please let us know.
  8. Be visible and upload your information. Customers feel much safer when they know the individuals they will be meeting and working with. Uploading a full profile with a picture, and bio will give customers a sense of ease, as they know who they will be meeting.
  9. Show your work when you’re done. Always show your work if possible, making the customer feeling secure and satisfied. All high-level details will be included within the journal however, nothing replaces verbal validation.
  10. Get back to your customer in a timely manner. Always ensure that your checking your chat log as much as possible. Customers are available all throughout the day and we want to make sure you don’t miss a heartbeat. Getting back your customers in a timely manner lets them know that you care and are consistent.