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LIL’S Auto

LIL’S Auto


Product Description

Engine services

Oil change $20-$40

Tune ups $100

Fuel pumps $100

Valve cover gasket $160

Exhaust catalytic converter $200

Intake manifolds $160

Fuel injectors $75-175

Oil pans $200-400 DEPENDS ON THE CAR

Alternator $250 depends

Starters $95

Water pumps $185

Serpentine belt $100

Crank sensors $45


Suspension services

Tie rods $160 depends

Axles $300

Wheel hubs / sensors $100

Shocks $135-$180

Head lights $20a piece

Brakes $ 200 for all four to be replaced


Bigger jobs

Replacing engine head $335

Cams replacement $300

Rear end jobs 160

Radiator replacements$175



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